07 August 2006

Suicides in China

Recently, I made some posts about suicides and honor killings in various cultures.

I've just picked up this report from BBC, which states that China is the only country where female suicide rates are higher than male rates. This has to do with the fact that with a huge surplus of men in the Chinese society, women are valuable commodities - to be sold off to men through arranged marriages. Young women often find it difficult, if not impossible, to adjust to life with the family of the arranged husband, with whom she is expected to live with, and serve, for the rest of her life.

Combined with rampant abortion of female fetuses, this is another disturbing development, one that results from a Confucian patriarchal culture that does not value the rights of the individual. Reading reports like this makes my heart sink - and also reminds me of how clueless the white liberal community is, regarding the patriarchy and prejudices of the nonwhite world. The last time I checked, white men were having fetishes about Chinese and other Asian women, precisely because of their submissive culture.