31 August 2006

Unprofessional conduct

I just ran into this Washington Post article on how the antisocial mindset of evangelical Christians is manifesting itself, in medical clinics that put religious dogma above professional impartiality.

Although the practitioners claim to be welcoming to all faiths, the atmosphere is blatantly Christian, and someone like me certainly will NOT be welcomed. Even if I were "welcomed," I would be extremely uncomfortable discussing my circumstances with these types of people. And these are more potential employers who will openly flout employment laws in order to discriminate against the likes of me.

The evangelical Christian community is an antisocial, insular set, now running its own community centers, matchmaking services, schools, and now medical services. If they want to be so "in the world, but not of the world" (another phrase that's becoming common on the bumper stickers), why not just secede and form their own country, instead of ruining the American experiment of multifaith coexistence?