02 September 2006

Vancouver, at last

Thanks to a delay caused by a broken vertical speed indicator on my flight, I did not arrive here in Vancouver until well past midnight.

But I am here. In suburban Burnaby, actually, but within a quick SkyTrain ride of Vancouver.

I have just unpacked and showered, and once I wake up in the morning, my "first date" with this wonderful city will begin. Anything can happen from here - it could be an "LTR" or even "marriage" down the road. And it will all trace back to today.

My purse will take a hit from the exchange rate, for sure; in fact, with commissions, the Canadian dollar is now worth MORE than a US dollar. (Good thing I bought $100 Canadian back at LAX anyway, otherwise I would've had nothing to pay the taxi fare with, due to late arrival and closed currency exchanges.) I've also been warned about the crime wave in Vancouver, now approaching American levels, and especially targeting Asians, who are perceived to be wealthy.

But I'll still try to make the best of my three days here. Not having to see a W oval is already a great improvement.