26 September 2006

Vegas, baby!

It's been only three short weeks out of Vancouver.

But between a work project that is spiraling out of control (thanks, subcontractors!) and more stress at home, it's time to get away again.

Fortunately, Vegas awaits me this weekend. I am extending my stay to two nights, partly to avoid construction work on the I-15 near San Bernardino, but most importantly to make the most of the weekend. Although I am using the Las Vegas stop of Mariah Carey's "Adventures of Mimi" tour as an excuse to get out there, I am planning on a lot more.

Vegas will be unusually hot, but I hope it won't wrinkle my style. And speaking of style, it'll be casual all the way - I am going without my miniskirt suits. (I did pack a mini, but it's a casual khaki.)

As long as I don't do too badly at the blackjack tables, I will be happy.