31 October 2006

Decision Time 2006

The general election is only a week away, but I couldn't be less enthused. Nevertheless, I strongly believe in the value of voting, and I am starting to make my decisions.

Governor of California: Neither Arnold Schwarzenegger nor Phil Angelides is worthy of my vote, I have decided. Arnold represents everything that's wrong with reactionary immigrants, and how Republicans always win the immigration debate no matter how pro-immigrant or pro-nativist they swing. The Democrats have been complete imbeciles on that front. This, combined with Angelides' complete neglect of campaigning, especially in SoCal suburbs, has led me to decide against voting for Angelides, even though he is the only viable way to drive out Arnold. I will find a worthy third-party candidate, or leave the ballot blank.

Congress: My Repuke Congressman Gary Miller is running unopposed. I will leave blank. Shame on you, Democrats, for failing to field even a cut-rate candidate, and for completely abandoning me.

Propositions: 85 is a rehash of anti-choice 73, and I will ensure a NO vote. 86 through 89 are new taxes, and I will be voting NO on all of them - except for 87, for which I will vote YES. 87 is an oil windfall tax virulently opposed by Chevron, and that is reason enough for voting YES. Unfortunately, the Democrats' complete abandonment of not just auto enthusiasts, but motorists in general, is very evident here, as AAA, backed by Chevron, is recommending a NO vote. How do Dems, by completely abandoning the motorists, expect to survive in a region like SoCal, where EVERYONE is a motorist?

I've been so let down by the ineffectiveness of the Democrats, that I decided that they will have to accomplish their much-hyped takeover of the government without me. They have ceased to represent me and many other everyday people, and when I bring attention, have refused to listen. A party that doesn't serve its rank-and-file and its faithful has no business existing. The same holds true of many of the pro-Democratic organizations, including some that I have belonged to until recently.