01 October 2006

Mariah Carey = Lady Luck?

It certainly seemed that way tonight.

Long before I could ever hang out at concerts of my other favorite acts - and in most cases, never even knowing that I missed them until way too late - I've always had very good luck with Mariah. Just about every time I felt like seeing her, I was able to clinch a ticket or two and just have a good night. Back in 1994, I had even managed to meet with her in person to start things off - coming on the tails of a trip that had taken me to many of her overseas fans. Can't get much luckier than that. Tonight was my third Mariah concert, and fourth encounter with her overall.

Another observation: This afternoon, I was playing blackjack at MGM Grand's casino, as I waited for the concert. While Mariah was playing nonstop on the PA system (in anticipation of tonight's concert), I did very well - in fact, I was $150 ahead of the house. But when the PA system switched to its regular mix, I quickly lost money, and ended up only $50 ahead by the time I cashed out. Pretty strange, indeed!

And unlike the last time (the Rainbow Tour in 2000), which was a disaster, tonight was very well done. I will upload a concert review to Epinions.com soon.