04 October 2006

Rampant homosexuality in the Republican Party

The names have been out there for ages, usually older white men - or formerly men. Jim Kolbe. Steve May. Jeff Gannon. Mann Coulter. And these despicable scums are only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, add Congressman Mark Foley of Florida to the list. He was forced to resign and enter rehab, after sending sexually suggestive emails to his male teenage interns. The flak may even hit Dennis Hastert, for his role in covering up the affair.

Foley was a key sponsor of a law that stiffened penalties against pedophiles. Now, it's time for him to face justice, one he himself tried to serve.

And the Republicans have the audacity to call themselves the party of morality and family values, and try to tell me, and other productive citizens, that we cannot marry and cannot serve in the military?

The Republicans must be voted out this November - especially gay ones. The hypocrisy is too much.