12 November 2006

"Ban Organized Religion Completely"

Or at least one of my favorite musicians, Sir Elton John, says so.

He specifically mentioned the plight of gay rights activists in Eastern Europe, and the Orthodox Church's oppression of them. Furthermore, he called for a conclave of believers of different religions, to discuss and work out their differences, since their differences are currently causing more and more wars.

Like it or not, Sir Elton is making a valid point. Just like the 20th Century was a struggle between different economic ideologies, the 21st Century is starting to look like a struggle between different belief systems. Many nations, including the likes of Saudi Arabia on the Muslim side and the USA on the Christian side, are enacting barbaric laws in the name of their religions. And there is no question that the US involvement in the Middle East today is nothing short of a modern-day crusade, at a cost of numerous lives - not to mention the financial costs for all involved.

I was taught that God (or Goddess) gave humans the ability to think, so that they could better manage the world they were put in. Blind faith in any religion goes against that.

Sir Elton John