07 November 2006

Did not vote today

That's so unlike me to say. I've never missed an election since 1996.

But that's what it came down to today. Between heavy workload which kept me at the office until 15 minutes before poll closing - giving me no time to make it to the polling place - and my lack of enthusiasm this time, I ended up not voting. I feel bad about it, since I've been the one on the front line of making others vote as well.

But given the cocky attitude I've gotten from Democrats and white liberals, who completely ignored my concerns and acted as if they could win without my help, maybe I need to see if they indeed can. I did intend to vote for a few lower-level state level Democrats as well as most of their positions on the various propositions, and they've lost that.

In any case, I feel exhausted, and it's time to move on. In the meantime, I will vote absentee next time.