08 November 2006

Election Update

The results were pretty much what I expected.

The House: The Dems are in control, even though they were nowhere to be found in my district. Nancy Pelosi will make history as the first woman to hold position as the House Speaker.

The Senate: Joe Lieberman was re-elected with strong Republican support. Independent socialist Bernie Sanders is now Vermont's new Senator. That's two independents - and both will caucus with the Democrats. 49 Republicans and 47 Democrats have been called, and in Virginia and Montana, Dems are leading barely, and will most likely need recounts. Assuming that the recounts hold, the Dems will take control of the Senate - barely.

California: Phil Angelides never had a chance. The Governator is back for a sequel. Given the pathetic campaigning, Angelides never deserved to win anyway. As for the propositions, all new taxes were defeated, even including 87, which would've taxed the oil companies. The anti-choice 85 lost too - again. As for the secretary of state, incumbent Republican appointee Bruce McPherson barely lost to Democrat Debra Bowen, who ran on a "voter's rights" platform. As for the Board of Equalizations, I am seeing two Asian-Americans - a Chinese-American Democrat representing the 4th district (mine), and a Korean-American neocon Republican representing the 3rd.

Now the work for the Dems and progressives is not to rest on their laurels, but to carry the momentum forward, and start courting demographics - including many that I belong to, such as motorist and business - that have been well courted by the Republicans. The Republicans have succeeded in recent years by courting formerly safe Democratic voting blocs such as Jews, Catholics, and Mexican-Americans; the Dems can surely learn from that.