30 December 2006

Saddam executed

News got in yesterday that Iraq's Saddam Hussein has been executed.

The W regime, a big believer in capital punishment, is celebrating what it calls "Iraq's path to democracy." Honestly, all this will do is ratchet up the degree of Iraq's civil war. Besides, Saddam should not have been propped up by the US in the past anyway, considering that his genocidal tendencies were well-known and his only value was keeping Iran in check. Besides, what does W know about democracy anyway? He's a total non-believer in it.

The celebrations are going on in the Iraqi-American community as well. It reinforces two things I've stressed - often with negative reactions - in liberal forums: (1) immigrants are pro-capital punishment, often for political reasons, and (2) the Republicans are doing everything to turn certain demographics into their puppets - the Cubans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and now the Indians (with W's Indian nuclear transfer agreement) and the Iraqis. And the lack of any Democratic response to this sleazy dealmaking is what has let me down with the left.

This is not a time to celebrate. This is a time to look back on the monster, called Saddam Hussein, that America created and destroyed ONLY to fit its own agenda, and to vow to never, ever do the same again.