12 January 2007

Fashion Corner

A triple feature to start 2007.

All photos are from MSN Movies' "Undressed" - I picked three sore standouts for my own commentary.

Paris Hilton was recently named one of the worst-dressed celebrities. I've never liked any of the outfits she has worn over the past months. And this casual setup is a mess. The striped top is okay, but I've seen another picture of her (in the same outfit) with a nipple slip - never a good idea. The pants need to lose whatever writing is on the left leg. While I don't mind the shades and the scarf, I really take an exception to the rainbow-colored purse - which clashes badly with the prevailing brown; there are other ways to add splash to a look that is primarily one color.

Here, Britney, another worst dressed award winner, looks just like the stereotypical redneck airhead that she really is. A see-through slip dress in a rather public place? No thanks. And the fluorescent colored bikinis underneath are a bad idea too - but not as bad an idea as flashing the genitals around, as Britney had done in recent months. The hairdo is just a mess too. Finally, the cowboy boots really add to that "redneck airhead" feel.

The media wants to keep selling Britney as a role model for teens. But her conduct clearly indicates otherwise, and her outfits just tell the story.

Here is one of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate. The black is way overwhelming - it'd be a good idea to lose the hat, or add a bright accessory somewhere. The boots are awful ugly - is it even possible to walk in those? And I am certainly not partial to wearing tights with huge runs as a bottom (and this is not the first time I've seen Mary-Kate going pants optional).

Mary-Kate (and Ashley) looked great as kids, and still look great as adults, when dressed well - but this isn't one of those moments. The slouchy posture doesn't help either.