12 February 2007

Widespread Internet monitoring

At least that's what Lamar Smith, Republican Congressman from Texas, is proposing, with support from fellow Republicans such as Dan Lungren of California.

Smith wants to require all ISPs to log all activities indefinitely. Under the cloak of preventing child pornography and curbing terrorism, this proposal, called the Safety Act, goes far beyond, and ends privacy on the Internet as Americans know it.

This is an outgrowth of a failed previous attempt at a similar legislation, by Republican Senator Jon Kyl of the Fascist Third-World Banana Republic of Arizona.

From now on, nobody will ever tell me again that the Republicans are the party of small, lean, responsible government. The Republicans are all about big, authoritarian government - and so are the neoliberals, the self-proclaimed "libertarians" who support 99% of the Republican agenda.

For more details, and action ideas, please read The Seminal. And thanks to Rick Albertson of Democracy Cell Project for his action alert there.