20 February 2007

Wounded war veterans neglected

Walter Reed Medical Center, where wounded soldiers come home to recuperate, turns out to be in an appalling condition.

Years of reckless warfare, and the resulting post-traumatic disorders, not to mention general neglect and underfunding, have turned the hospital into a living hell, and this is the last thing that troops who fought so hard and selflessly for the nation deserve. The wounded must take care of other wounded, and those suffering from psychiatric trauma must protect others at risk of suicide.

I've been following the discussion at Democracy Cell Project regarding this matter, and people are too upset for words.

If this is what is called "supporting the troops," the US has become one hell of a sorry country, a shameful shadow of its former glorious self. And all that the W regime wants to do is to cut the Veterans Administration budget further. W only cares about weapons and the money they make, not the troops who sacrifice so much.

Washington Post