12 June 2007

Maria Leavey tribute video

Karen Bradley of Democracy Cell Project created a video montage of various peace activist women, to carry the spirit of the late Maria Leavey. There are speeches from Diane Wilson, Gael Murphy, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and other major figures in the peace movement.

I am honored to have been included (I am about 40% through the montage, in a black miniskirt suit, and the photo dates from September 2005) in this montage alongside all these great activists - some famous, others not-so-famous but just as hardworking.

Given that I work in the defense sector, I have not been as outspoken as I ought to be in the peace movement. But just because I make money off of defense does not mean that I support endless wars - au contraire! I'm proud to be part of a movement that seeks to instill a true culture of life in American politics, instead of the war and death those in power have favored for the past several decades.

I want to thank Karen and all the other hardworking activists for keeping my sanity alive, and for trying to make America a better global citizen.