07 September 2007

W at APEC in Australia (or was it OPEC in Austria?)

The annual Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit discusses various issues of interest to Pacific Rim nations (especially free trade), and is also a major security concern, given W's attendance and the world's increasing hatred of him. Two years ago, I had the misfortune of visiting Busan, South Korea, as it was hosting the APEC summit then - made for a lot of hassles and closed-down attractions not only in Busan, but even in faraway Seoul as well.

This year's talks are being held in Sydney, Australia, where entire city blocks and sections have been turned into fortresses and no-access zones. Based on what I am reading off of various news sites, it makes Busan look like a picnic. I am not surprised, as Prime Minister John Howard has been the world's most loyal puppet of the W regime.

W rewarded Howard by calling the summit an "OPEC" meeting, showing his true colors as a greedy oilman. He further thanked the presence of Austrian troops in Iraq - never mind that Austria never sent anyone to Iraq, and it was his puppet Howard and Australia that sent troops. It appears that Howard is sucking up to the W regime on every topic - from "war on terror" to immigration to gay marriage - but is proving to be futile, as W can't even remember the name of Howard's country.

The only silver lining in this is that the Australians are about to hold an election very soon, and most likely Howard and his Liberals will be gone, replaced by a Labor government. Overthrow of Howard has been long overdue. Australia, please do the right thing.