27 October 2007

War Protests

Today, there were war protests, organized by the ANSWER Coalition and United for Peace and Justice, in eleven cities. Los Angeles was one of them, and I made sure to march with the CodePink contingent and volunteer to help clean their display up.

Some of the signs by United for Peace and Justice, for the marchers to carry.
I didn't carry these - I helped carry one of CodePink's banners, which said "Don't Buy Bush's War."

Seen on a Dodge van at the parking lot on Olympic and Broadway, the starting point of the march. The march went up to City Hall and the Federal Building.

The Bus Riders' Union, a powerful working class organization in Los Angeles, carrying its trilingual banners and T-shirts.

An effigy of W seen on a sign.

Korean drummers in a funeral procession.
They support the implementation of the June 15, 2000 accords which were signed by the two Koreas, and oppose South Korea's new free trade agreement with the US. Pretty unpopular positions in Koreatown, but they are determined to get themselves heard.

Plenty of socialists and communists marching today.
There also were plenty of Ron Paul Republicans, and Democrats of most stripes - from Kucinich supporters to Edwards and Obama supporters.

CodePink's shoe display, symbolizing the Iraqi civilian dead of the war.
I helped clean these up after the march and rally were finished.

Another effigy of W, in his Chimpy McFlightSuit "Mission Accomplished" attire.

A dozen or two pro-war counterprotesters were present at the end of the march. They and some of the marchers are facing off - under police control.

Here I am, in the infamous pink miniskirt, at the CodePink booth - just before starting the cleanup. Thanks to Ally at CodePink Los Angeles for the photo.