11 January 2008

Another travel post

While Netroots Nation in Austin is half a year away, I have another trip coming up, next month. I've already mentioned it in my novel blog.

I am headed for Florida for the first time ever, specifically Orlando. While I am going on business, I have scheduled enough downtime to allow me to visit some of Orlando's top attractions. Granted, I am no fan of Florida's conservative politics, but since I have to be there, I might as well make the best of it. (Besides, Florida is probably not much different from Southern California, when all is said and done.)

In particular, the Disney parks are on the agenda. Granted, I am still incensed at Disney for producing the "Path to 9/11" propaganda back in 2006. But Disney is also LGBT-friendly, and shows an Ellen DeGeneres film at Epcot. Since other parks in Orlando (SeaWorld, Universal Studios) are carbon copies of what I find right here in Southern California (that's even true of Disney's Magic Kingdom), I guess I'll be stuck with the Disney parks. I have time for two parks, and I'll be hitting Epcot and Animal Kingdom. (Guidebooks actually suggest two full days for Epcot. I will see if one day will be enough.)

I am also expecting to drive over to Cape Canaveral for a half-day tour of Kennedy Space Center.

Travel arrangements have been made. I will fly first class on United Airlines for discount economy fare, thanks to my frequent flier miles; the upgrade is already confirmed, despite my lack of elite status. Once on the ground, I will be driving a Toyota Prius hybrid for the duration of my stay. Although I have no intention of ever buying a Prius (Toyota is another company that I disapprove of), living with a hybrid for a week should be a nice experience. A cheap extended-stay hotel will be my home for the week.

It will be a very interesting trip.