30 April 2008

Fed up with Indy

I am still in Indianapolis and will continue to be here for another few days.

I don't have much to say, other than that I am utterly fed up with the pathetic excuse of a political discourse here in Indy, complete with those "IN GOD WE TRUST" plates. My business contacts are all reactionary Republicans, and sexist pigs at that, as expected of men in construction. I sincerely believe that these morons need to lose their corporate benefit packages (including $200/night downtown hotel packages, while I rot at $70/night near the airport) and, if they are lucky enough to still have it, union representation. The ringleader is from Southern California - specifically Orange County (and hates being referred to as suburban Los Angeles).

I've never been this fed up with a state, since Alaska and Arizona - and I've been through another 30 states or so. The same reactionary crap did happen to me two months ago in Florida, but at least I had the theme parks of Orlando to unwind in. Not here in Indiana.