31 May 2008

First legal gay marriage in California...

... may be the county clerk himself.

Steve Weir of Contra Costa County, a lifetime resident of Concord and in a 35-year political career and 18-year relationship, wants to be the first to get married, a bit early, on June 17, when gay marriages in California will actually begin.

As a former Concord resident myself, I am well aware of Weir's name and life, and wish him the best of luck.

He also has the unenviable job of going through the petition signatures for the proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage (and also certified the county results of Proposition 22, back in 2000, which I had voted on in Concord). He is doing his best to ensure that there is not even any suspicion of conflict of interest.

The article below also describes Contra Costa County as "conservative - by Bay Area standards." I fully agree with that assessment; it actually has real Republican activity, but is still liberal compared to Southern California. In Concord, Weir served as city councilman and mayor for a long time - but had to stay in the closet the whole time (Concord once actually threw out its gay rights ordinance, thanks to a campaigner from neighboring Clayton).

AP via Yahoo!