16 May 2008

Let's get married

One of my favorite lesbian couples, actresses Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (the latter was Nelle Porter on Ally McBeal), will tie the knot on July 7th, and has a wedding registry at Crate & Barrel, in the wake of yesterday's legalization of gay marriage in California.

Congratulations - and lesbian power!

Just Jared

As there will be a huge rush of gay couples applying for marriage licenses over the next few weeks/months, straight couples are advised to get their marriage licenses now, before the crush starts. And gay couples will themselves want to get hitched now, to make sure that they will legally marry before the possible passage of the constitutional ban. County clerks all over California will be very busy this year, for sure.

One more thing: marriage licenses will now be gender-neutral, and will absolutely make no distinction between straight and gay relationships. This is good for the transgender community, as transpeople's legal gender may be in limbo, and gender-neutral marriage licenses are the only ones that will stand up to scrutiny in court.