04 June 2008

Lesbian fashion statement

For many, "lesbian fashion" often means the soft butch look of Ellen DeGeneres, the edgier look of Melissa Etheridge, or a butch look so stone hard that the wearer should rightfully be addressed as "sir." But for me, it's a little different story - I've bought fashions that normally are worn by hopelessly straight girls, to find that a famous rumored lesbian ends up wearing it too.

Case in point 1: miniskirt suit.

My very first outfit was a miniskirt suit, bought in 1997. Then the show Ally McBeal came along - starring a miniskirt suit-clad Calista Flockhart as Ally. Ally was known for many things, among which was her attraction to women; she kissed three different women, and some of these kisses had some beefy storylines behind them. To me, Ally is a classic case of a closet lesbian, and I feel glad to share her fashion sense. (This is also why my nickname used to be Ally McLesbian.) Even Calista Flockhart herself, though hopelessly straight in real life, went on to play a few other lesbian roles - and wear more miniskirts. I've bought several more miniskirt suits since then, and wear them well into today.

Case in point 2: leggings.

When people started wearing leggings again in 2006, I was pleasantly surprised - and embraced the trend, as it was a trend I wanted to wear in my teens, but couldn't. Then, it turned out, former teenage (now twentysomething) drama queen Lindsay Lohan started flogging the leggings trend to death, and even designed her own line. Now, rumors are flying everywhere that she is in a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. Yes, a lesbian with her own line of leggings. I don't care for Lindsay, but for now, I still wear my leggings from time to time.

Case in point 3: ????

I won't know until it actually happens, but I am sure I'll be hooked on some new "hetero" fashion trend that then becomes the trademark of some famous rumored lesbian. After all, it's happened twice already.