21 August 2008

Celebrity Love Matches

Turning my attention back to the Western world for a bit...

A site called CelebMatch.com uses my biorhythms to calculate celebrities who would be good matches for me in a hypothetical relationship. Of course, I had to gauge my compatibility with some of my favorite female celebrities (even though most are hopelessly straight). Some results are as follows.

Gillian Anderson: 59%
Jennifer Aniston: 54%
Dido (Armstrong): 57%
Drew Barrymore: 53%
Mariah Carey: 67%
Margaret Cho: 61%
Ellen DeGeneres: 56%
Portia de Rossi: 63%
Melissa Etheridge: 59%
Calista Flockhart: 65%
Lindsay Lohan: 91%
Sarah McLachlan: 80%
Anna Nalick: 79%
Winona Ryder: 51%
KT Tunstall: 76%
Kate Winslet: 87%

My best matches, according to this site, are:

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Thandie Newton, 100%
Bai Ling (yuck!), 99%
Gretchen Mol and Uma Thurman, 98%