07 October 2008

1PM on October 8th...

And I am still blogging.

Something interesting is happening on TV. Apparently, over in Beijing, the First Annual Mind Game Olympics is taking place. It looks very interesting.

Participants compete in five different games, as follows:
  • Go
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Bridge
  • Chinese Chess

As the channel I am watching is dedicated to Go, I am only getting the Go coverage. But it is nevertheless very interesting, because among the five events, Go captures my fancy the most anyway.

Events are in men's, women's, mixed, and other divisions.

It appears that at least five nations are participating in Go - Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. I hope this event sticks - and draws more nations in.

Here's a relevant article from a few months ago on International Herald Tribune. Some more info is available on Wikipedia.