12 November 2008

Some entertainment updates

First, Jennifer Aniston talks about Angelina Jolie and more, in an interview carried by Vogue's December 2008 US edition. I'll see if I can get my hands on the US edition, even here in Seoul. I am definitely a card-carrying member of Team Aniston, and any smearing of Jolie is a good thing in my books!

Just Jared

Lindsay Lohan, a former closet lesbian icon, is now officially out of the closet. Time to bring my leggings out of the lingerie drawer in celebration.

Just Jared

Melissa Etheridge, another lesbian icon, is considering a tax revolt over California's narrow passage of Proposition 8. While I love the idea, I would take a more targeted approach. I won't take it out against the state government, which seems to get the idea of equality better than the voters do. I won't take it out on San Francisco either. However, I WILL take it out on known homophobes and Southern California. I'll make sure to load up on plenty of Korean and Vietnamese food during the rest of my Seoul and Hong Kong stay, so that I'll never, ever have to visit a Korean or Vietnamese restaurant at home again.

The Daily Beast

Hoping that my rental car has a USB/iPod jack (the latest domestic market Sonata should), so that I can hook up my iPhone and play Melissa Etheridge as I drive.