19 May 2009

Between trips

I returned from DC in style. Although my return flight was on an Airbus A319, the smallest United aircraft capable of coast-to-coast duty, I ended up with a bulkhead seat, which had even more legroom than first class. It is sweet to be an elite-level customer. Add to it, the marvelous views of Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, and Laughlin. (And the ugly sight of Los Angeles smog.)

In a few more days, I'll find myself in the air again, once again enjoying the United Economy Plus service, to Toronto via Chicago. I'm really looking forward to this trip, and have already picked out my outfits, appropriate for the cooler Toronto climate.

Los Angeles is proving to be quite stressful for now. I could not even spare my birthday (Sunday) for the free Disneyland admission; I had to work. And whenever I am away, work gets backed up, and I am the one who must clean up the mess. I hate it. I also cannot take the theocratic vibe of Southern California much longer.

When I was meeting with Karen and Richard in DC, I was more than happy to hear about their new digs in rural Nova Scotia. We keep talking about how one can keep sanity by being binational - keeping one's roots in the US and its economic opportunities, yet expanding to Canada and taking advantage of its superior living standards and more advanced mentality of the people. (Not to mention better education levels.) Now, Facebook also loads a number of Canadian dual citizenship ads. If I can make up a good application package for Canadian permanent residence, I will in a heartbeat - I certainly do not want to give up on the US and what it's offered me, but Canada is certainly a great place to call my extra home.

Until then, my Toronto visit (which will strictly be as a short-term visitor) should give me good insights into the Canadian society. After all, I am heading into Canada's largest city - a city that equals New York or Chicago in prominence, as well as being the heart of Canada's manufacturing and industrial base.