09 May 2009

Travel Update

I haven't blogged lately, partly because most of my online activities had gravitated toward Facebook, and partly because I was running out of time. I spent the last week often working until 11PM.

I'm in a much better situation, however. I flew to northern Virginia, where I need to attend a seminar next week. I have a week in the area, and I'll be meeting a few people, starting with the people over at Arlington Unitarian Church tomorrow. Eventually, I should have some time with Democracy Cell Project too (I already spoke with Karen Bradley to let her know of my arrival).

I loved my journey from Los Angeles to northern Virginia today. My flight was on a United Airlines Boeing 777 - a plane that is something of an icon to me. The plane's registration was N773UA - the fourth 777 ever built. (I've also been on the third and fifth ones, and I had seen all of them in the final assembly stage back in 1994 during a visit to Seattle.) Sure, I was flying it on a rare domestic run rather than showing up in a faraway city across the oceans, but other than that, I loved the experience. I'm also glad to know that my Premier status results in modest service improvements, including 25% mileage bonus, free Economy Plus seating, and most importantly, no baggage fees. Once on the ground, I took a forced free "upgrade" from a Toyota Prius to a Toyota Camry for a rental car, and checked into a Hilton Garden Inn that's not even 4 months old.

Hoping for a good week (and some photos to upload here).