02 September 2009

The blog's future direction

As I've moved many of my activities over to Facebook, I need to refocus this blog.

I tried to run this blog as primarily a political soapbox, and while politics will continue to be a discussion topic, I will be discussing them in context of other issues, in particular with my travel destinations and their socioeconomic hot topics. And as I turn this blog into more of a travelogue, my photos will take a larger significance.

My political discussions are now being done primarily on Facebook with my political animal friends, mostly at some point on the left side of the spectrum but a few on the right as well. With most American right-wingers having completely lost their reasoning ability after seeing their worst nightmare - the "usurpation" of American presidency by a "Kenyan-born Muslim extremist socialist" - happen, having quality right-wing political discussions will be outright impossible, at least stateside.

I've dramatically slowed down my blogging, but given that I have tons of travel photos that I'm sitting on, and that this can only increase from now on, I will refocus my blogging on travel photography. What I did a year ago in South Korea and Hong Kong will probably be a good indicator of what my blog will look like in the future.

I decided to squeeze in a trip to Arizona this weekend, given the smoke from the Southern California brush fires right now. Between Arizona, Las Vegas the following week, and Europe, I am bound to have lots of photos and travel memories. And that's on top of my travels earlier this year.

Perhaps doing some preliminary research on the European countries I intend to visit - Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France - may be the thing to do. For example, the airline I will fly this time, Lufthansa, has a history that was clearly shaped by Germany's loss in World War II and its subsequent division, and that's certainly a fair discussion topic.