07 January 2010

Entering 2010

I haven't blogged in ages - my travel photos usually go to Facebook first, and after that I am too tired to re-upload to the blog.

But life has been improving steadily for me, and I am grateful.

Now, I finally have my place to myself, after months of delay (and years of anticipation). That is a huge psychological booster, since I can now start engaging in social activities without minding my folks.

I still have warm, fuzzy feelings about my European journey - and the star of that trip, my mother's Mercedes-Benz, has finally made it to her garage yesterday. It's so special to pluck it basically out of the assembly line, drive it to some of Europe's greatest cities, and now bring it into Mom's garage. I hope to make the car actually mine when Mom is too old to drive (though that means I'll need a larger garage).

I spent Christmas 2009 and New Year's Day 2010 in Las Vegas. My initial plan was only New Year's Eve, but Christmas was added due to some crazy family drama that was leaving me very drained (one reason why I didn't blog in December). Ended up spending 5 nights for Christmas and another 4 nights for New Year's, at my timeshare on the Strip. With minimal gambling, I concentrated instead on enjoying everyday activities, and trying to make Las Vegas my home away from home (it IS a home in a way, since my timeshare credentials are actually backed up with a property deed). I had so much fun in Vegas that I am trying to continue doing the same things back in Southern California as well - hiking, ice skating, bowling, video games, etc.

Now I need to actually live my own life, since I actually have life. I'll be registering at my church this weekend, and start socializing at other venues too. 2010 will surely be a huge improvement over 2009, which, despite the teabagging and the economy, was good to me in many ways, from my steady finances to my European trip. Hoping that I will actually upload my travel photos here, and resume my novel.