01 June 2010

New Orleans update

Nothing to say, except that I returned safely, with another complimentary upgrade. And I was also very pleased with the cabin crew.

A year ago, I flew back from Toronto on United Airlines, and I hated the cabin crew on that flight. It had also left a bad aftertaste in my mouth regarding United Airlines - an airline I had consistently preferred since my very first flight in 1988. This New Orleans trip was booked on United partly because of my elite benefits, but primarily because of the $150 apology credit that resulted from that nightmare last year.

Well, I was very happy with the crew and its approach to passengers today. It was very obvious that they share my thoughts - that air travel, by bringing peoples together from all around the world, contribute to a better world for everyone to live in - and that they took serious pride in their work. A very welcome about-face from the a-hole last year!

United has once again earned my business, after almost losing it. And hoping to do some more travel later this year (including Seoul and/or Tokyo) - and extend my elite status for another year while at it.