07 July 2005

The London Terrorist Attacks

London is in the news again. The gleeful mood from the Live 8 concert and the '12 Olympic Games has been shattered this morning, when four bombs went off in the public transport system, killing at least 33. One of them went off on the Piccadilly Line of the Underground system between Russell Square and King's Cross stations, killing at least 21; this is especially chilling for me, as I ride the Piccadilly Line - and this particular section - often, whenever I am in London.

First, I have an acquaintance who moved from Los Angeles to London earlier this year; I better check on her safety as soon as I can.

Second, whoever is responsible for these attacks must be brought to justice. Prime Minister Blair has made it perfectly clear. So far, Al-Qaeda seems to be responsible, but we will have to find out for sure.

Third, we must re-assess the War on Terror, making sure that the so-called Coalition of the Willing are making as many friends as possible, and making the fight a shared, global effort. No one nation, even the US or the UK, can fight the war alone. We must also go after the right targets, instead of wasting time and effort on a diversionary war like Iraq - which has only served to create more terror.

Last, I will be interested in seeing the political ramifications. Will this attack strengthen Blair's position, much like in the US, or will it weaken him, much like in Spain?

I extend my condolences to those who have lost their loved ones in this senseless attack. This was indeed a very barbaric way to crash the party in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.