06 July 2005

Odds and Ends

I want to take a break from Bush-bashing today.

First, I would like to congratulate London on becoming the host of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Having been to London three times myself, I know it as the cosmopolitan, dynamic city that it is, and I feel that there are very few hosts better suited for the Games. It was a very interesting bidding process, to say the least, pitting three of my favorite cities (London, Paris, and New York) against each other. Sure, the British government's actions and policies are less than ideal at this time, but there were far less deserving hosts in the recent past, such as Moscow in 1980, Seoul in 1988, and Beijing in 2008. Although Moscow was marred by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and boycotted by the noncommunist world, Seoul was a success that helped bring about South Korea's democratization, and as for Beijing, let's wait and see.

Second, I have linked up to one more blog, named Silenced Majority, run by DiAnne Grieser whom I "met" at the Democracy Cell Project. It's another political blog, and I don't necessarily endorse all contents, but she does cover many issues dear to my heart.

Third, I need to resume writing my novel, which has been in a rut for the past month or so. I will talk about its contents, and my writing process, over the coming days. For now, I'll only say this much. The protagonist is a transgender woman who grows up as a child overseas, and gets a culture shock as she (then a he) navigates the teenage years in California. As she grows up into an adult woman, her language skills give her an edge in an otherwise discriminatory world.

In fact, much of my novel mirrors my own life. I am working on this in an online writing class, though I am under a different identity at that class, for now.