05 July 2005

More on the Kyoto Protocol

Over at the Democracy Cell Project, the cover page is featuring a New York Times article (registration required) by Nicholas Kristof, showing Portland's attempt to decrease its pollution without economic sacrifices. And apparently, it's working well.

"Newly released data show that Portland, America's environmental laboratory, has achieved stunning reductions in carbon emissions. It has reduced emissions below the levels of 1990, the benchmark for the Kyoto accord, while booming economically.

"What's more, officials in Portland insist that the campaign to cut carbon emissions has entailed no significant economic price, and on the contrary has brought the city huge benefits: less tax money spent on energy, more convenient transportation, a greener city, and expertise in energy efficiency that is helping local businesses win contracts worldwide."

Take that, Dubya. Your lame excuses only serve to fatten the likes of Chevron and Ford, as well as the Christian conservatives who think they can hasten the second coming of Jesus through environmental destruction.