20 July 2005

New Supreme Court Nominee

The First Asshole has done it again.

Instead of being a "uniter" and nominating a moderate who would do a strict interpretation of the law, he chose to become a "divider" again and nominated John Roberts, a "judge" with only two years of experience and a far longer experience as the mouthpiece of the mining industry and abortion clinic bombers, as his choice for replacing Sandra Day O'Connor in the US Supreme Court. A major fight in the Senate is expected, but in the end it will be a win-win situation for the illegitimate White House, who will get Roberts into the Supreme Court anyway, and get people's attention away from the Karl Rove leak scandal.

So much for the liberal judicial activism that Pat Robertson has described as being a worse threat to the American society than Middle Eastern terrorists. I remember seeing a study (I can't recall the source) where conservative judges, such as Thomas, Scalia, and now Roberts, were in a far more activist mode than the liberals like Stevens and Ginsberg ever were.

But then, America was so comatose that it re-installed a Republican regime in both the legislative and the executive branch last year. Now it's regretting thanks to the Rove scandal and the Downing Street Memo, but it's too little, too late. The corporate media, and the Christian death cult churches, had brainwashed America so damn well last year, and I expect them to speak up for Roberts again as well. Ted Turner should have done more to keep control of his beloved CNN.

Perhaps Ralph Nader was right in 2000. He wanted to weaken Al Gore so that W would get elected, so that America would really see the horrors of the right-wing politics and act reflexively against it. The problem is, his plan worked too well. Now the First Asshole gets to leave a destructive legacy for at least half a century as a result.

Welcome back to the 14th century, folks!