20 July 2005

Tony Blair weakens

I just picked this up courtesy of Rossiann (AKA "Kangaroo Brisbane Australia"), who not only runs her own blog, but also contributes to Christy Cole's ReBelle Nation.

2/3 of Britons are blaming Blair and his policies for the London bombings, Rossiann is quoting The Guardian as saying. Since the British often identify themselves more with the US than with Europe, I was expecting an American-style, "rally around your leader" response. I was very wrong.

It looks like America, with W's leadership, is the only one obsessed about the "attack now, ask questions later" diplomacy that is proving to be so ineffective and fatal. America takes its pride in its great military power, but it must be used as a last resort, using diplomacy first in the Middle East and elsewhere to win as many friends and allies as possible. W has refused, preferring a "crusade" driven by the Religious Right's lust for an Armageddon (and the supposed result of the second coming of Jesus).

I am starting to become ever more convinced that the September 11th attacks were known in advance by a few in the U.S. Government, but was allowed to happen anyway, to create popular support for a W dictatorship. What a culture of death. Unusual trading activities of American and United Airlines stocks the previous day are the most telling proof of this (though I don't think these two airlines were accomplices, unlike Korean Air 007 in 1983, which I will discuss on the anniversary on September 1st).

Back to the topic, I hope the British Labour Party comes up with a leader who can think for himself apart from the destructive policies of the W regime, and even set an example for a future US administration to follow. I do not wish for the current British turmoil to result in a future Tory government though - and most Britons seem to agree.