10 July 2005

A tribute to London

I decided that it would only be appropriate to pay tribute to one of my favorite cities, that has suffered so much last week, as body recoveries continue on the Piccadilly Line of the Underground system. Also, this would be an opportunity to try out the image upload features of this blog.

These pictures were taken during the first week of November 2003, when my most recent London visit took place.

Hyde Park near Kensington Palace (2 November 2003)

Princess Diana Memorial Walk, Hyde Park (2 November 2003)

Prince Albert Memorial, Hyde Park (2 November 2003)

Oxford Street, West End (6 November 2003)

Piccadilly Circus (6 November 2003)

St. Paul's Cathedral (6 November 2003)
The symbol of Britain's defiance during the WWII German blitz

Kew Gardens, Richmond (7 November 2003)
Yes, London can get sunny.