11 July 2005

A dear friend

I spent this evening having a dinner with a friend I've known for 16 years. He knew me before I ever started identifying myself as Rachel - and he has been very supportive of my decision. (He says he knew all along, from my teenage habits and tendencies.) This makes him an even more special friend in an increasingly less trustworthy world.

We talked about a variety of things - including his newlywed life (he is expecting a boy), progression of his pharmaceutical studies, his family issues in Taiwan, and of course some web-based activities. Knowing that his political leanings are similar to mine, I made sure to introduce him to the Democracy Cell Project. I told him that it, along with my novel in progress, helped save my sanity in my arch-conservative surroundings. (His wife is a conservative Republican though, making this couple look like James Carville and Mary Matalin.)

I hope he becomes an active member. Both Southern California and Arizona (he will shuffle between Los Angeles and Yuma) need help.

Of course I also introduced him to blogging - and showed him this blog as an example!