22 August 2005

Apparently two Justice Sundays weren't enough.

I've just been alerted that Rev. Pat Robertson has called for the assassination of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. I'm sick of all the saber-rattling that has been going on regarding Chavez and other prominent left-wing leaders of sovereign nations, many of them democratically elected (for example, the "impeachment" of South Korea's Roh Moo-Hyun last year was really orchestrated by the Bush regime and its Korean-American puppets, and the Democracy Cell Project now refers to Roh as Asia's Chavez).

In any case, for a leader of a religion that claims to offer love and salvation, how appropriate it is to call for taking out a foreign leader he doesn't like. Robertson's actions prove beyond all doubt that American Christianity is a death cult, plain and simple, and that I should stay as far from it as possible.

Now who's next? "Activist" judges that push the Christian death cultists' buttons? Is it why the two Justice Sundays were held, to scare those judges into submission, when the pro-Christian judges are actually far more activist in practice? Even worse is that this represents mainstream Republican and Christian thinking in today's America. Let's dismiss them as the extremists they truly are.