19 August 2005

"Fair and Balanced" Coverage

I am following this thread over at the Democracy Cell Project, dealing with the mainstream media's idea of what constitutes "fair and balanced" coverage. By the media's standards, we would have to interview a Klansman whenever civil rights issues arise, a Nazi whenever a Jewish issue arises, and so forth. In other words, the media wants to bring up an extremist point of view if it suits them well - like the Christian death cultists whenever a gay issue arises, or the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity when Cindy Sheehan is making statements.

Ann Coulter, the most famous of the right-wing transgender women (are they really women? they are more like castrated gay men to me!) if the rumors are correct, has declared the media to be on the conservative side. The idea of "liberal media" is officially dead. Of course, I knew that a long time ago, as Fox is a Republican mouthpiece, and NBC, as a unit of defense contractor General Electric, contributes to Republicans even more than Fox does. And liberal talk radio did not really exist until the coming of Air America last year, whereas conservative talk radio has been well-groomed for years.

The smearing of Cindy Sheehan as an anti-Semite abandoned by her own family is downright false, and it shows just how low the media outlets are willing to go. Besides, just as you don't have to support the so-called "President" to be a patriotic American, you don't have to support the extremists at the Likud Party to be pro-Israel. (Besides, Judeo-Christians and Muslims killing each other over religious differences is now outside my world of thought - and both sides now simply look pathetic to me.)

I am proud to have joined the vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan last Wednesday, and I will give her all the moral support I can. Now, I'll look forward to next month's huge antiwar protest in Washington, DC, as I will have to be in town around that time anyway.