24 August 2005

DC update

The planning for my DC trip late next month is coming along nicely.

Code Pink has just sent me an email letting me know of its participation in the Green Festival, to be held during the protest weekend in DC. This will be a great opportunity for me to get to know organizations, both progressive and moderate, that care about the environment, at a time when being an environmentalist is considered being extremist - thanks to the Christian extremists of the Bush Administration who would rather destroy nature to hasten Jesus' second coming.

Now I should have something to do during the daytime on Sunday, September 25th, before joining the interfaith service in the evening that day. It looks like I will have to miss out on the march on Saturday the 24th though, as I don't have good enough of an excuse to get out of work on the 23rd and fly to DC early.

And speaking of flying to DC, I have just put an itinerary on hold with lesbian-friendly American Airlines. I will need to purchase by midnight tonight. Most likely I will.