25 August 2005

More travel update

I went ahead and booked my ticket to the DC protests on American. It felt so good to confirm my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a major protest in DC. It felt even better to give the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center's Business ExtrAA number when making my reservation, so that they could get some perks out of my trip. Again, this will be my first-ever trip on American, and I hope the service will be as good as my numerous previous trips on United and other competitors.

I have also booked my hotel in Arlington for the duration of my stay. Since the hotel provides free high-speed Internet, I should be able to blog away from there! It's very close to Rosslyn Metro Station, so I will be able to get just about anywhere without much of an effort.

I hope this opportunity will allow me to make a point to the world, that I am sick of this misguided war, and that I am sick of my illegitimate "president" who only hangs out with, and therefore represents, his extremist supporters. I am sick and tired of being called anti-American just because I ask that the troops be better-equipped to fight this war, or better yet, that they not be forced to fight a war whose only purposes were to settle Bush's personal score and make his oil cronies rich.

Now I will be making hotel reservations for the Bay Area trip for the Labor Day weekend.