09 August 2005

Justice Sunday, Part II

Apparently the Christian Right's death squad are preparing for another "Justice Sunday" this coming Sunday, to skew the government in their favor and to bring theocracy to the American society. It will be led by Rev. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, opposing stem cell research (I hope he realizes that the current world stem cell research leader is a South Korean - yes, his so-called "puppet" and "ally" in his theocratic war) as well as the corrupt Tom DeLay.

This group is opposing the death squad with another counter-protest, just as they did on the first Justice Sunday in April. I will give them all the moral support I can.

The fact that the outrageous demands and claims made on Justice Sundays are the mainstream Republican values says a lot about the party - and the corruption of the American society at large. Even during the Reagan years, this kind of behavior was considered extremist (even though Reagan's cronies encouraged it, and were building the acceptance that we see now).

I hope the hedonists in Las Vegas I will be mingling with will be opposed as well; even though they were "moral" enough to ban gay marriage twice, they will see that this threatens THEIR lifeblood as well.