08 August 2005

Peaceful protest is now a crime

I am getting word from my contacts at Democracy Cell Project that Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, California, an anti-war activist since her son Casey was killed in the Iraq war, will be arrested on Thursday as a threat to national security, if she refuses to leave her camp in front of Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch. She has been camping out in front of the ranch in hopes of meeting Bush to demand an end to the war and more American and Iraqi deaths. And so far, she had been forced to march in the deep, nearly impassable ditch next to the road by the Secret Service, while the pro-Bush media covering her march were allowed to use the access road itself. (The most pro-Bush of them all, Fox, is ignoring this deal altogether.)

Bush is no longer the leader of a democracy. He is a dictator, plain and simple. There is nothing that Sheehan has ever done to threaten national security. If peaceful protest threatens national security, America is no longer a democracy; it is a police state and a dictatorship. As the apparent anomalies in the Ohio congressional race last week indicate, the "democratic processes" have now been rigged.

Cindy Sheehan's progress is followed by a website called Meet with Cindy. Apparently the website is being overloaded at this time, and I have no luck accessing it.