08 August 2005

Odds and Ends

Two things today, after being away from my blog for a few days.

First, my novel. It appears that I am pretty much tearing down the closet, that I have been in for as long as I've been taking classes. Lately, I've been posting things about the transgender community that only an insider could possibly know - such as how right-wing some of the "transgender women" can be. (I mean, are they really women, or are they just castrated gay men? Considering that Log Cabin Republicans are otherwise exclusively men...) And now I have to explain away how I ended up writing such passages into my novel. It appears that I will have to destroy the closet once and for all, very soon. I'll give a couple more weeks, then come out to the instructor, and come out to the rest of the class the week after, as the class ends.

Second, I have booked a weekend vacation in Las Vegas. I don't look forward to the Nevada-style morals - where anything goes as long as it's not gay, and there is no sanctity of marriage, PERIOD - but even I need a break from myself from time to time. This will be my first solo vacation in almost two years. Hopefully I'll find enough time to hook up my Dell laptop (UGH... NEVER AGAIN!) in my hotel room and blog my feelings away. At least I won't be driving a Ford for this vacation, and that makes things better...