18 September 2005

Benedict the B*stard

Just found out on the Democracy Cell Project blog:

Pope Benedict starts purge of homosexuals and others who disagree with his doctrines from American seminaries

Although I do see much of the pedophilia problem in the Catholic Church as the result of the fact that closeted gay men find it attractive to become priests and never have to ever deal with women again (bastards, I say), I also see the problem that even straight priests only get to deal with men/boys on their jobs, and need a way to vent the sexual frustrations that result from their celibate lifestyles.

The real problem is the celibacy requirement, not a homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church. Comments on the blog say that gay and female pedophiles are "statistically insignificant."

And to limit this order to American seminaries is to exercise absolute control of the American Catholic Church, so that the church would be more to his liking, and more able to assist with W's goal of reducing gays to permanent second-class citizens once and for all. America feared for such an unholy alliance between the Catholic Church and the government when JFK became President in 1961; now, under a non-Catholic "president," it is becoming a reality.

My contempt for Catholics in particular, and Christians in general, only goes up with stories like this.