19 September 2005

A change of plans for DC

Call me chicken, but I decided that risking arrest during the White House civil disobedience a week from today will be just too much for me.

My primary concern is my inability to produce a "proper" ID. As previously mentioned, my ID still identifies me as a dorky, plain man when I am none of those. I would probably push the limits in a "safer" town like San Francisco, but I won't try in DC. If worst comes to worst and I am indeed arrested, I'll be put in men's jail.

In addition, I need to make a trip to New Jersey the next day, and attend a government seminar on Thursday. Being arrested for anti-W activities won't look good at the seminar, and I can't afford to miss the trip either.

So I'll count myself out, and content myself with the Peace and Justice Festival, where I will be meeting with the Democracy Cell Project, Code Pink, and many other great organizations. I hope fellow activists will understand my decision not to join their civil disobedience. My frustrations with W, his junta, and his puppets whose decisions have kept my ID "wrong," do remain strong as ever though.

It is a shame that I won't be part of the main march on Saturday, as there was no excuse for me to get to DC early. I'll count myself lucky if I can manage to catch the tail end of Operation Ceasefire concert around midnight, with Le Tigre on stage, at the Washington Monument.