23 September 2005

Democrats chicken out

A Knight-Ridder article, posted on the ReBelle Nation blog, says that key Democrats, including such war critics as Howard Dean and John Kerry, won't be joining the anti-war protest that I'll be attending this weekend.

Just what the @#^$@ is keeping them from attending? Fear of offending the pro-war factions and losing their votes? (Well, Kerry never had their votes anyway last year.)

They need to remember that the Republicans didn't succeed by pandering to the middle or the "other side" - they pandered strictly to their base. Democrats offend their base at their own peril.

I'm starting to wonder if moving to another country is a better solution than chasing this cause, one that the Democrats are too timid to tackle and the Republicans are allowed to easily destroy.

I should also expect to find some pro-war chicken hawks on Sunday, the article adds. It could be a very ugly scene in DC.

Knight-Ridder article on ReBelle Nation