22 September 2005

More DC update

Now that it's the day before my departure Central Time, the latest check at the American Airlines website now shows my flights' status, with gates assigned - but with no word on Hurricane Rita-related delays, so far.

I got a slew of emails, though I couldn't get to them for a while because Hotmail decided that they were junk! I was given instructions for participating in the civil disobedience, and found that there were ways to participate as support personnel, without risking arrest. Even though everything except delivery of messages to the White House is allowed, I am not taking my chances with the W regime, and will leave it to more intrepid activists.

Another reason for counting myself out is the Lobby Day, also on Monday. Although I haven't been scheduled to see my Congressman (and I may never be), I have been scheduled to see Senators Boxer and Feinstein - or at least their aides. After these appointments, it will be too late to join the mass action at the White House. Again, I'll have to spend three hours at American University on Sunday for a full briefing; I will ask them about the possible issues I may have when entering Congressional buildings with a "not-so-proper" ID.

Between this, helping out with the Democracy Cell Project desk at the Peace and Justice Festival, and squeezing in a few Code Pink events (I do want to see Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan - plus make sure that Gayle Brandeis finally gets to see me as Rachel!), I'll have a very busy day on Sunday. I hope I won't get tired and fall asleep at the interfaith service Sunday evening!

I've fleshed out the rest of the schedule with museum visits and window-shopping; I may also meet someone from an online Calista Flockhart fan club as well. (I even planned each day's outfits.) This, combined with my business and a side trip to New Jersey, will make for a very busy week - and I look forward to every moment of it!