07 September 2005

Heard on Stephanie Miller

I listen to Stephanie Miller on the radio every morning. Although she's not part of the regular Air America lineup, my local Air America station - KTLK 1150 AM - carries her.

I heard some really disgusting things on her show this morning. First, Barbara Bush - the former First Lady, and W's mother - was heard a few days ago as saying that since the evacuees at the Superdome were underprivileged anyway, they are having it good by being moved to a better place. How heartless of her to say this! This is NOT the time to talk about privilege, when lives are at stake. And this is NOT the first time she's said something like this. Compared with Poppy Bush's inability to go shopping at a supermarket, I am convinced that the Bush family is too far removed from reality and the average Americans' lives to be effective and presidential.

Second, I heard about W's visits to the disaster areas (even though he is avoiding New Orleans at all costs, it seems). It seems that the food banks in the background, and the crowd listening to him, were all set up - as always. How about visiting a REAL food bank, and mixing with the REAL people who are going through their difficulties? A real president must. W is too much of a coward to be a president, preferring to surround himself only with pre-screened supporters.

Last, Stephanie discussed the editorial from Washington Times, the paper run by Reverend Moon. The editorial described liberals as bloodthirsty hounds who see a big opportunity out of this disaster. Excuse me? The paper is pretty much covering the right-wing pundits who are saying that the media should stop criticizing W, and start doing something constructive. The media's responsibility is to report first, THEN to start action drives later, and when W screws up like this, the media is morally bound to report it first. It is amazing that this rag, not worth the paper it's printed on, still holds so much influence over right-wing politics - and so does a lowly lunatic Korean immigrant. If Reverend Moon is not the best argument for halting all further Korean immigration (and there are LOTS of other good arguments too, like former Congressman Jay Kim of California), I don't know what is. I've already let Barbara Boxer know of my thoughts on this matter, and Dianne Feinstein will hear from me soon too.

The only good thing coming out of this is my ethnic-Chinese-but-raised-Korean mother, who has finally broken free of her death cult churches, at least on this matter. She never liked the Iraq war in the first place (she's always said that if W were so pro-war, he would enlist his twin daughters first), and now that the war drained the nation's resources to the point of being unable to respond to Katrina, she's utterly fed up. Now she says she'll even support the impeachment of W. She may still be in the grips of the death cult when it comes to my own life, but this is an improvement.