12 October 2005

Voting facts in America

Madame Defarge posted this on the Democracy Cell Project homepage, so this is how I got to know of this link.

The document shows how much the likes of Diebold are entrenched in counting the votes, and how vested their interests are in ensuring a Republican victory. The sources for these facts come from public records, so I take them as being authentic.

And it all started with the drive for voting machines, caused by the Florida hanging chads of 2000. These are even worse than hanging chads! And it appears that the US voting system is more broken than anyone else's at this point; the democracy has completely broken down.

One reason I shut down my Bank of America accounts at the beginning of this year, after being a loyal customer since high school, was due to the bank being a major Diebold customer. Of course, Bank of America itself gave heavily to the Republicans and to the W "inauguration."

Anyone who reads this: please share it with others, link to it on your own blog, do something. Thank you.

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA